Mountain retreat

“In our age of body shaming, poor and insufficient sex education, and the distortion of women’s sexuality in the media, so few of us are permitted the necessary opportunities to direct our own pleasurable experiences when we are young, to feel into our worlds as young women without fear of being admonished as too dirty or too pure, and to, like the Goddess Lalita, embody a connection between joyous sexuality and pleasurable, embodied love.”

The Holy Wild – A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman by Danielle Dulsky.

In the spring of 2018, we escaped to this little mountain retreat for a weekend of rest and sensual pleasure. These are still some of my favourite photographs, because they capture the true Goddess unveiled and free.

Published by jamesandtamsin

Couple in our mid-forties sharing our journey of love, sensuality and spirituality

3 thoughts on “Mountain retreat

  1. Such beautifully done photos always wonderful to see 2 special people who love and care so much for each other and share their love of happiness and the beautiful nude lifestyle , both keep well


  2. Merci pour les très belles photos de la déesse, qui nous charme,
    Merci pour ce superbe texte qui accompagne vos photos…

    Il reflète parfaitement la situation de chacun d’entre nous, pour pouvoir exprimer à la fois notre amour et notre sensualité…


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