Not quite nudists or naturists

Most of our followers on Twitter are naturists or nudists or both. They are wonderful, kind and considerate people who often interact positively with us and others. Tamsin and I, however, do not identify as either naturists or nudists. We have never been to a nudist beach or resort and have never really felt the desire to get naked in front of others. While we both love being out in nature, and often end up with our kit off, it is largely for sexual and aesthetic (photographic) reasons, which for the conservative nudists seems to be somewhat of a taboo.

I have always been attracted to the female form. Long before I hit puberty, I was fascinated by the beautiful women in my mother’s Burda magazines. Being a German fashion magazine, nudity, or at least partial nudity was not a big deal. I was mesmerized by their slim, long legs, elegant hips and smaller natural breasts. When I was later exposed to more pornographic magazines as a teenager like Scope, Penthouse or Huslter, I found myself quite annoyed with the artificial breasts and unnatural, overtly sexual poses. Still, even there, I would find a picture or two that captured a kind of beauty that fed my soul. These images certainly merged themselves into my sexuality as I grew older, but even now I feel that in my mind there is a fuzzy line between sexual turn-on and the sheer artistic beauty of an image.

When Tamsin first enthusiastically stripped off her clothes in front of the camera, I could hardly stop the tremor in my hands and had to reach for the tripod to get any vaguely decent shot. Apart from sex, taking glamour, boudoir and nude photos of her is still my favourite thing in all the world. There is some kind of a voyeurist in me that loves watching her through the viewfinder, capturing forever the best smiles and poses. And then, of course, there is also a hint of candaulism, when, with her enthusiastic consent, I get to post a few of my favourite images on social media

So for me, the nudism is mostly about the beauty and the art. There is an obvious sexual element, but it is far from universal. Perhaps one day we will visit a nudist beach or get naked with some friends, but for now the thrill is still the same – watching her beauty revealed in nature – in person and through the lens of my camera.


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4 thoughts on “Not quite nudists or naturists

  1. Can totally relate to your views and writings as well as the photography side. I have since i met my wife also loved photographing her and the passion and excitement of the entire experience of us together shooting and the sexual excitement. Although we love to share, we are not swingers or nudists but love the beauty that is and can be created.


  2. First off, I just want to say that I have enjoyed reading through your blog and engulfing myself in your life through your writings and beautifully artistic pictures. I want to offer my opinion on the nudist/naturist point of view. Similar to you two, I don’t have an overwhelming desire to go to a public place such as a beach to enjoy my nakedness in nature. I went to a small nudist club about ten years ago, but that has been my only social nudist experience to date. What I enjoy most is living my days naked as much as possible. Most of the time this has been at home, but when the time is right I love to visit private areas in nature where I can remove the robe and let nature touch my skin. I have taken many hikes wearing nothing but hiking boots and a backpack to hold my clothes (always need to be prepared). The feeling of the crisp morning air and the moisture from fog touching your skin is exhilarating, and can sometimes be quite arousing for someone like me who loves the “touches” on the skin. Not only is it a great feeling of freedom, but it is quite sensual. While I may self-identify as a nudist, there are many out there who would argue the point because I also embrace my sexuality, and I try to encourage sex positivity, especially between couples. I believe you can’t have one without the other, but your behavior in your “typical” nudist venue is what sets the two apart. What you two do behind clothes doors or in private areas of nature is your business, and I encourage you to experience all areas of your life naked. However, if you want to identify as a nudist or naturist because it describes your love of being naked together, then you should identify as such. Don’t let the “taboo” feelings of purest dictate who you are, because taking your clothes off brings some kind of sexual feeling, and those who deny it are only lying. How you act on it in a social naked situation is what separates the appropriateness.

    There is nothing on your blog that would lead me to believe anything inappropriate enough to not be labeled as nudist friendly. You both are beautiful creatures of nature and your love for one another shines so bright, and to be honest it’s refreshing to see how you are embracing your nakedness and sexual attraction for one another. It’s truly beautiful. I look forward to following your journey together, and experiencing the beauty of Africa through your eyes.

    Your friend in nakedness,

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