Orange River Vineyards

On our way home from the West Coast, we spent a night at a cottage in the middle of a vineyard on the banks of the Orange River. It was not as private as we had hoped, but it provided a beautiful setting for some fun and sexy photographs.

I just love the farm girl glamour, the boots, the wild hair, the shorts that don’t cover quite enough…. and of course the perfect thong. Tamsin made a white crochet bikini for herself. It turned out to be very sexy. It was the perfect end to our 2017 road trip.

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Couple in our mid-forties sharing our journey of love, sensuality and spirituality

6 thoughts on “Orange River Vineyards

  1. Bravo à tous les deux…
    Le bikini de Tamsin est vraiment très beau,
    mais surtout, il est très bien porté…
    Et toujours ces lumières de rêve…

    Well done to both of you …
    Tamsin’s bikini is really beautiful,
    but above all, it is very well worn …
    And still those dream lights …


  2. Peace and love. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments of your life together. I also am disabled and in a wheelchair. I find a sense of serenity and joy looking at your lovely photos and reading your narratives. You do great photography. Thank you for all that you share.

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  3. Merci pour ces moments de beauté et de charme…
    C’est vrai que le bikini de Tasmin est très beau,
    et il met en valeur les formes parfaites de son corps, et bien sur la perfection de son bronzage…
    Encore bravo pour la lumière qui habille si bien ses charmes et sa beauté…

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